Moog introduces Mavis, a powerful, low-cost, build-it-yourself semi-modular analog synthesizer that invites creatives to begin their journey into the Moog ecosystem or expand their existing synth setup.

With the legendary Moog sound and quality, Mavis delivers serious value in the form of an affordable, compact musical machine.

On its own, Mavis is an expressive and inspiring analog synthesizer with patchable modular utilities and unmistakable Moog sound and quality. When removed from its enclosure, the instrument becomes a 24-point CV-controllable module (44HP) ready to be installed into any Eurorack setup or Moog semi-modular system.

Perfect for first-time users and established synthesists alike, Mavis’ semi-modular design and one-octave keyboard allow for immediate musical exploration without the need for additional equipment (except for a speaker or headphones).

“Moog Mavis is my favorite kind of synthesizer. Pure, raw, colorful analog sound, with such inspiring passageways for modulation to live and breathe. I hope you enjoy exploring with these patches as much as I loved creating them.” -Lisa Bella Donna, synthesist and Moog instrument expert.

Now Available at Authorized Moog Dealers in Canada

At only $469 CAD, Mavis makes learning synthesis or expanding an already-advanced studio setup more approachable for anyone looking to explore classic Moog sound in a new way.