When owners Stevie B. Hamron and Brahms Yaiche were deliberating for one of their most recent projects, Le Pink Flamingo, superior sound quality was high on their list of priorities. In order to meet their great expectations for this restaurant, Hamron and Yaiche looked no further than the project specialists at Moog Audio in Montreal.

Situated on Old Montreal’s timeless Place Jacques-Cartier, Le Pink Flamingo blends elements of modernity with 1930’s Old Hollywood glamour and art deco, giving the restaurant a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and creating a unique fine dining experience.

In his book The Sonic Boom, Joel Beckerman writes, “The smartest restaurants recognize that every meal is a multisensory experience.” Integrating superior sound quality gives Hamron and Yaiche further control of the restaurant’s ambiance, as the background music level can be easily adapted to the energy of the diners. Having previously developed projects such as Montreal’s Time Supper Club and South Beach’s Nikki Beach Miami, Hamron and Yaiche understand the significance of sound quality in a project like Le Pink Flamingo.

Moog Audio Montreal began work on Le Pink Flamingo in July of 2014 after Hamron approached them. Enlisting Moog Audio’s services ensured that they could rest easy as President Alexandre Kano and his team have worked on over 100 installations, cementing themselves as a pioneer in North America.

Because of their expertise in professional audio installations, Moog Audio is often trusted by their clients to recommend brands and products that complement the owner’s vision. Kano was convinced that the scale of the project warranted an equally powerful sound system and decided on QSC products to deliver the refined sound that Le Pink Flamingo’s owners were looking for.

QSC’s AP5122 loudspeakers, while typically used as a high-power sound reinforcement in performance spaces, stadiums, arenas and nightclubs, worked well in the space and addressed the need for powerful sound. These loudspeakers offer a clean and powerful high frequency response and use Directivity Matched Transition to establish a smooth and coherent power response across the listening plane.

Moog Audio installed one QSC KW181 subwoofer at each of the three levels of the space to complement the twelve AP5122 loudspeakers. In addition to the 18″ KW181 subwoofers, Kano also installed two 12″ QSC KSub active subwoofers and several QSC RMX4050A amplifiers. While they are significantly smaller and slimmer, the KSub subwoofers pack as much power as the KW181 subwoofers, peaking at 130dB in comparison to KW181’s 135dB peak.

One of the main design issues to address was the need for consistency in regards to the positioning of the speakers. Moog Audio’s President Alexandre Kano had arranged all the boxes horizontally in order to create seamless, smooth lines across the space.

Both Kano’s team at Moog Audio in Montreal and Le Pink Flamingo’s owners are thrilled with the results of the installation. Kano regularly receives messages praising the acoustic quality of Le Pink Flamingo, stating: “We have gotten many comments about the sound system – all of which are positive. Many people have sent me messages, even to this day, saying that the sound system sounds great.” In view of the frequency of positive comments that Kano still receives since the restaurant’s opening in December 2014, the success of Le Pink Flamingo is apparent, as is Moog Audio’s position as a leader in professional audio installations.

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