New Features:

  • Added back button support for all screen navigation within the MyRussound app
  • Added Android device volume button support
  • Added zone sort ordering option
  • Added a Launcher which allows you to start other apps, webpages, or web widgets from within the MyRussound interface
  • Improved device discovery for identifying all compatible Russound devices on a network
  • Additional buttons added to IR Source control screens
  • Improved general stability and connection reliability
  • Fixed problem where devices were not being discovered reliably
  • Fixed problem that caused slow connection to MCA-C5 or MCA-C3
  • Fixed problems while viewing and operating X5 devices within the zone list
  • Corrected button labeling and command assignments on some IR control screens

Works With:

Network connected Russound C-Series controllers, MCA-Series controllers, X5 controllers, and compatible Russound accessories.

Please download Release Notes for a complete list of updates. Download from the Google Play Store.