Turns out there are two types of people in the world. Those who like to see the target temperature on their thermostats. And those who like to see the current temperature.

farsight-dc47071d84When Nest introduced the Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011, they decided to make the target temperature more visible. “It’s a thermostat, not a thermometer,” we told ourselves.

The debate was revived last year after their launched the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat and a feature called Farsight. When the Nest Thermostat spots you across the room, Farsight lights up to show you the target temperature or the time, in a digital or analog clock view.

People love Farsight. But they heard from a lot of customers who wanted it to show the current temperature in big numbers you can see from across the room. So now, it can. And they’ve also added an animated weather screen. (You know, to satisfy meteorology fans.) Just go to Display Settings on your thermostat and choose your view.

They’ve also improved the Energy History views on the Nest Thermostat. Now they look more like what you see in the Nest app.

They are always working to make the Nest Thermostat – and all their products – better. And not just future versions. Automatic, over-the-air software updates let us add new features to the Nest products already in our customers’ homes. So they keep getting more thoughtful. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for updates to make it to every Nest Thermostat. If you don’t see the new Farsight views on your thermostat right away, hang tight. They are working to get the latest software out to everyone.

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