Neutrik has recently announced a unique line of weather-resistant connectors titled their True Outdoor Protection (TOP) Series. The new range consists of weatherized versions of the popular powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR connectors which provide highly resilient and reliable interconnect solutions for demanding outdoor applications. These new ruggedized and sealed connectors feature not only IP65 protection but also UV resistance. Meeting internationally recognized standards, Neutrik has designed and qualified their TOP line to the connector standards IED 61076-2, IEC 60320, UL 1977, UL 498. Additionally, the connectors also meet the UL50E standard for outdoor locations.  The new TOP range of products will, therefore, keep your signal intact and uninterrupted, even in the harshest of circumstances whether it be rain or shine.

The new product line features the following updates:

The powerCON TRUE1 TOP offers the same input and output cable and chassis connectors as the popular powerCON TRUE1 series with additional features such as IP65 rating in mated and unmated conditions, UL50E weather and UV resistance, and a newly designed brushed-nickel locking latch on the cable connectors for better ergonomics and aesthetics.

The new etherCON TOP range includes IP and UL-rated RJ45 receptacles and cable connectors.  The receptacles are available in PCB and feedthrough versions and include a sealing cap and gasket, while the NE8MX-TOP cable connector carrier, similar in style to the NE8MC, can accommodate almost any RJ45 plug.  Moreover, the SE8FD-TOP outdoor sealing kit can be purchased separately to retrofit existing etherCON receptacles to the TOP versions, replacing the SE8FD sealing kits.

IP-rated XLR chassis connectors were previously limited to the MPR series, which only provided male connectors. Responding to the demand for a complete line of weather-resistant XLRs, the XLR TOP connector range consists of black male and female D-size chassis connectors with protection caps, as well as cable connectors with black rubber external sealing kits.  All XLR TOP series connectors include gold-plated contacts in both 3 and 5-pole configurations.

Neutrik’s TOP range of products will land in Canada starting in late-December 2018.  Contact your local SFM Neutrik representative for pricing and availability.