Designed and assembled by Digiflex in Canada, the new D6 Series is a scalable range of Cat6A network cables ideal for a multitude of touring and system-integration applications

Dorval, QC – Digiflex has announced the release of its new D6 Series Cat6A network cables. This line features the latest innovations in cable design for all applications, from simple equipment patching to high-bandwidth signal transmission up to 500Mhz at 10Gb/s.

digiflex-cat6a-1014Equipment and system manufacturers in the touring and system-integration industries are making greater demands today on interconnectivity than in previous years. Higher bandwidths, faster speeds and outstanding handling characteristics are the most common requirements. “Video walls and digital consoles are pushing the technical limits of regular Cat5. The D6 Series, with Cat6 and Cat6A assemblies, sets the benchmark for network cabling”, explains Richard Milley, product development specialist at Digiflex. “In particular, the D6A-TOUR cable was designed from the ground up as a touring cable and is unequalled in terms of flexibility, ruggedness and speed”.

With the industry shift towards networked audio, video, and data systems, and associated cabling to meet high rates of signal transmission, Digiflex is at the vanguard with the D6 Series. The demands of the Cat6 and Cat6A standards are stringent and therefore require cabling and infrastructure designed to the same accurate specifications. D6 Series cables are designed to meet and exceed this specification, and are thus suited for the fast and reliable transmission of full resolution audio and video signals, or any network-based data.

The D6 Series is a complete line of Cat6A network cables. It includes Cat6 UTP patch cables for equipment and patchbay interconnectivity (D6-PATCH), bulk-packaged FT4 and FT6 fire-rated installation-grade Cat6 UTP cables (D6-FT*), ruggedized Cat6 UTP cables for touring applications (D6-TOUR-U), and premium, ultra-fast, rugged and flexible Cat6A UTP & SF/UTP cables for touring applications, certified 10Gb/s up to 300′ (D6A-TOUR-*).

With the D6 Series, Digiflex has aligned itself to be an exclusively Cat6A production facility. Its personnels’ skills, knowledge and equipment have all been updated to be able to offer only the highest quality Cat6(a) products to their customers. Milley continues, “Our highly skilled production team use only Cat6 certified components. Digiflex is strictly a Cat6 production house – the future is here now”. Digiflex is so confident in the outstanding performance of its cables that it has distinguished itself as the only facility for the pro AV market to provide a detailed test report with each Cat6A touring-grade cable that is shipped, proving that the assembly meets (or exceeds) the Cat6A specification.

All D6 Series models are now available and shipping. Contact your local Digiflex dealer for more information.