ADJ is excited to announce the immediate availability of its much-anticipated new flagship IP65-rated moving head, the Hydro Beam X2. This extremely bright and feature-packed luminaire is designed for outdoor events, tour production and permanent installation in environments where rain, humidity, dust or sand could impair the function of regular fixtures.

The first model to be released in ADJ’s new Hydro Series, the Hydro Beam X2 features robust construction and an IP65-rating which means that it is ‘dust tight’ and protected from ‘jetting water’. In practice this means that the unit can be used outdoors – even in rainy, sandy or dusty conditions – either for one-off events or permanent installation. It also means that, even if the fixture is used indoors, its optics are protected from dust, dirt and humidity, resulting in an extended operational life and reduced maintenance requirement. The Hydro Series is ground-breaking because it brings IP65-rated moving head fixtures within the reach of a huge number of production companies and installers working on projects with budgets that up until now would not have allowed for IP-rated fixtures.

A professional caliber luminaire, the Hydro Beam X2 generates an incredibly intense shaft of light that makes it ideal for mid-air beam projection on festival stages, large-scale concert tours and in high-capacity nightclubs. Thanks to a combination of precision-engineered optics and a potent Osram Sirius HRI 370W LL discharge lamp, the fixture generates a razor-sharp beam that can be customized using a wide variety of beam manipulation tools to provide Lighting Designers with a high level of creative freedom. Generating an impressive output of 860,000lux (measured at 5m), the light source also offers an extremely long operating life of up to 6,000 hours, reducing the chance of a lamp blowing mid-show as well as the cost and inconvenience of lamp replacement.

The lamp has a CRI of 70 and a color temperature of 8000K, however the fixture’s color wheel features CTO filters that can be used to achieve color temperatures of 3200K and 5600K. The wheel is also loaded with 10 vibrant colors, as well as UV and a four-way split color, that can be combined with the independent GOBO wheel to create a wide variety of impressive effects. This wheel features ten glass replaceable, rotating GOBOs (eight patterns and two beam reducers) as well as a fixed beam reducer plus open. The split color option gives Lighting Designers the ability to create a multi-colored beam while the replaceable GOBO feature allows for the use of custom patterns. The outside diameter of the GOBOs is 9.8mm, while the image diameter is 6.5mm.

Two multi-faceted rotating prisms (one 6-facet linear and one 8-facet circular) can be used individually or layered together to multiply the beam and create a visual effect that covers a wider angle. The fixture is also equipped with a frost filter that allows it to perform wash duties if required. It features motorized focus, 0-100% dimming and variable speed strobing up to a maximum frequency of 12Hz. The Hydro Beam X2 also boasts 16-bit fine pan/tilt motor control, which allows for both smooth movements and precise positioning.

The fixture is equipped with a large color OLED display that allows for simple and intuitive manual DMX addressing and mode selection, however it is also compatible with the RDM protocol so can also be addressed remotely using a compatible control system. A choice of two DMX modes mean that the unit can be controlled by either 15 or 17 channels and it is fitted with professional 5-pin DMX input and output sockets. The Hydro Beam X2 is also equipped with a WiFLY EXR DMX receiver, which means that it can be controlled wirelessly using ADJ’s WiFLY control protocol.

With a tough, all-metal case design, the Hydro Beam X2 is a substantial fixture designed for professional touring, rental and installation applications. It has dimensions of 16” x 13” x 25” / 402 x 330 x 630mm and a weight of 65 lbs. / 29kg. The fixture is fitted with professional caliber locking Seetronic power input and output sockets, which allow the power supply for multiple fixtures to be linked together from a single socket. All of the unit’s input and output connections are IP65-rated and fitted with protective rubber covers for when they are not in use.

“Since we first announced the Hydro Series at LDI last year, the interest we have received – especially in the X2 model – has been incredible,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “There is clearly huge demand for a powerful, robustly-built and IP65-rated moving head beam fixture at this price point. This incredibly punchy fixture offers phenomenal brightness and is ideal for 200’+ throws. The applications for the X2 are many and varied. Obviously, it will appeal to the festival and outdoor events market, as well as large outdoor clubs and event venues. However its protection from dust, dirt and moisture will also appeal to the rental market. For busy rental houses who send their fixtures out on shows every week, prep time can be limited. When a regular fixture comes back covered in dirt, it needs to be painstakingly stripped and cleaned. However, because it is IP65-rated, the X2 can simply be rinsed down with water, dried and sent straight back out the door!”

The Hydro Beam X2 will soon be joined in the Hydro Series by two additional IP65-rated moving heads. The Hydro Beam X1 is a compact beam fixture harnessing the power of a 100W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp, while the Hydro Wash X7 is a wash fixture that features seven 40W Osram RGBW LEDs and offers motorized zoom for a variable beam angle of between 6 and 40-degrees.

Get a “First Look” of the Hydro Beam X2: