January 12, 2015 – Micro effects pedal builder Outlaw Effects will introduce a pair of brand new analog guitar pedals at the 2015 NAMM Show: Five O’Clock Fuzz and Boilermaker Boost.out-bm115

Five O’Clock Fuzz offers plenty of rich, cascading sustain with crisp attack and subtle compression, delivering a wide array of fuzz tones in a compact package. Featuring Sustain, Tone, and Level controls, this micro mustachioed marvel covers sounds from waxy smooth, violin-like sustain to grittier tones with razor-sharp bite. Sculpt your fuzz tone into everything from the thick leads of 1970’s classic rock to heavier alternative sounds of the 80’s and 90’s.

Retail Price: $69.00

out-bm115BBoilermaker Boost provides pure, pristine, transparent boost in a compact format. Whether you’re looking to add harmonic content, to enhance your tube amp or other effects in your chain, or simply to strengthen your signal, the versatile Boilermaker gives you just the kick you need. Offering 20db+ of clean boost plus the capacity to tweak even further thanks to two ±15dB active EQ controls (Bass and Treble), Boilermaker gives you complete control over your boosted sound without compromising the integrity of your tone.

Retail Price: $69.00

Both pedals feature true bypass switching to maintain the purity of your clean tone. Like all Outlaw Effects, the two new pedals are housed in a micro-sized durable aluminum alloy chassis, and feature a staggered input/output design for a minimum footprint.

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