Cob cannon wash pearlMuch like its sister model, but housed in a stylish off-white metal casing, the new ADJ COB Cannon Wash Pearl offers advanced COB LED technology and a super-wide but variable beam angle, while blending in perfectly with lightly-colored décor for a discreet wash solution.

Making the most of COB (Chip On Board) technology, ADJ’s popular COB Cannon Wash is a super-bright wash/par fixture that works as both a far-reaching color wash unit and, with the use of the included lens kit, a powerful par effect. Utilizing a single 150W quad-color (RGBA) COB LED, the COB Cannon Wash allows users to produce even washes with no shadows in vivid crisp colors, for results that are truer than those achieved with regular multi-LED units.

This advanced COB technology isn’t the only thing driving home these incredible effects, though: the unit’s huge 80-degree beam angle makes for wide-reaching washes that submerge entire areas in vibrant color. And for users who require a tighter beam angle for more-concentrated effects, ADJ has also included two easily replaceable lenses, allowing the beam angle to be reduced to 40 or 50-degree.

This flexibility, when it comes to both the possibility for rich palettes of color and variation in beam angle, makes the COB Cannon Wash a winning solution for a whole range of users and applications. Lighting designers, venue operators, event organizers and mobile entertainers all use the COB Cannon Wash to fill theaters, houses of worship, venues and dance-floors with smoothly mixed color, whether for a concert, production, permanent installation, or any other time a super-wide wash is required. Furthermore, thanks to its flicker-free operation and choice of dimming curves, the COB Cannon Wash can also be used by TV and film production crews.

As well as acting as a wash or par fixture, the COB Cannon Wash can be pixel-mapped, enabling users to spread strikingly unique effects across multiple fixtures to produce eye-catching animated displays. LED pulse and strobe effects can also be triggered, giving users the power to add energy to their events and turn their color washes – whether static or color-changing – into flashing displays of stunning intensity. While the ultra-brightness of the unit’s 150W COB LED may be ideal for situations such as these, users also have access to 0-100% electronic dimming, allowing them to adjust the light intensity of the effects to better suit their needs.

Cob cannon wash pearl fx1These atmosphere-enhancing effects – first showcased by the original COB Cannon Wash – are as much an important aspect of the new COB Cannon Wash Pearl as its pearl-white metal casing is, ensuring a versatile, powerful lighting solution that looks stylish too.

Many modern brides want a sleek, all-white look for their wedding receptions – and the COB Cannon Wash Pearl is the ideal wash solution, whether users already have an all-white lighting rig or they’re looking to start building one. On the other hand, it’s also a great effect for houses of worship, where lighting fixtures in the usual black finish (aimed at nightclubs) stick out like a sore thumb. For lighting-savvy congregation members and volunteer lighting designers, the COB Cannon Wash Pearl is a smart choice for churches which want a fixture that provides widespread washes while remaining discreet.

“Thanks to our use of highly advanced COB technology, the COB Cannon Wash is an unbelievably bright wash/par solution that offers powerful, smoothly mixed color washes and pixel-mapped effects using its 150W quad-color COB source and super-wide 80-degree beam angle,” explains Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Now offering a sleek-white alternative to the original, our COB Cannon Wash Pearl packs the same game-changing features into a fixture that’s perfect for use at weddings and corporate events where a stylish finish is wanted, as well as inside houses of worship where black club-style lights just aren’t suitable.”

When it comes to operating the COB Cannon Wash Pearl, users can choose from a range of built-in programs, including color change and strobe effects; or pick from a selection of 64 built-in color macros for vibrant static color washes. Offering in-depth control and greater creative possibilities, users can also run the fixture in DMX-Controlled mode, which features 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10-channel options. Alternatively, users can operate the fixture using the separately sold ADJ UC-IR wireless remote control.

Cob cannon wash pearl fx2Adding to the flexibility of the fixture, the COB Cannon Wash Pearl’s dual yoke lets users mount it on truss or set it on the ground – so they can adapt the positioning to suit the event requirements or the setup of the venue. Mounting just one unit above the dance-floor easily floods the entire area in colored light, so users taking just one or two to a gig can transform the venue. Meanwhile, when set on the ground, the fixture’s wide beam angle and built-in color change programs make it perfect for lighting the back of stages, washing walls, or illuminating architectural feature in luscious hues.

Boasting a low weight of just 9lbs (4.1kg), users can effortlessly take multiple COB Cannon Washes and Pearls on the road with them as part of a mobile setup, or, due to their compact size, install numerous units in theaters, churches, nightclubs and other venues. Daisy-chaining the power for these multiple fixtures is also possible, thanks to the unit’s PowerCon in/out connections on the rear.
Just like the original COB Cannon Wash, the new COB Cannon Wash Pearl comes out on top no matter where or how the user applies its awesome effects, making it a textbook example of an ADJ product with unrivaled versatility and power. Providing both wide washes and impactful up-lighting effects from the same compact unit, the fixture’s super-bright washes and widespread beam angle let users fill large areas with vibrant, well-mixed color. Meanwhile, the unit’s stylish off-white housing makes it ideal for use in churches, as well as at corporate events and weddings, taking adaptability to a whole new level!

Whatever the user’s line of work and wherever they take their lightshow, the COB Cannon Wash and COB Cannon Wash Pearl guarantee immersive displays of pure lighting excitement in a range of forms, offering revolutionary effects without the need to break the bank!