Utilizing the high power output and smooth color mixing benefits of COB (Chip On Board) LEDs, the ADJ COB Cannon Wash Series has proven immensely popular with lighting designers, equipment installers, production companies and rental houses alike. However, ADJ is committed to acting on customer feedback and for certain applications users have suggested that a shorter casing design would be beneficial. ADJ is therefore pleased to announce the release of two new COB Cannon Wash models which offer the same powerful output but from a newly-designed compact fixture.

The new COB Cannon Wash ST and COB Cannon Wash ST DW both feature a slimline design that is almost half as long as the original COB Cannon Wash fixtures. This makes these units ideal for installation in venues with low ceiling heights, for use as stage footlights and for mobile applications where storage or transportation space is limited.

Offering a wide selection of vibrant colors, the COB Cannon Wash ST features a potent 150-Watt COB 4-in-1 RGBA LED, which produces a light output of up to 1970 LUX measured at 2M. The fixture is ideal for flooding a stage or dancefloor with richly-saturated color washes of any shade or hue.

The COB Cannon Wash ST DW, meanwhile, is equipped with a 150-Watt COB 2-in-1 Warm White (3200K) / Cool White (6400K) LED, capable of generating a light output of up to 891 LUX measured at 3M. It is ideal for illuminating performers and scenery on stage, with its color temperature mixing feature allowing lighting designers to achieve the perfect balance for a given stage and production.

Both fixtures feature a wide natural beam angle of 80-degrees, making them ideal for filling a large area with bright illumination. However, they are also supplied – as standard – with two lens kits which can be used to reduce the beam angle down to 50-degrees or 40-degrees if required.

The new fixtures both boast robust metallic construction and are suitable for permanent installation as well as use on one-off and touring temporary productions. The compact casing is fitted with a flexible dual-yoke scissor bracket that can be used to hang the fixture from a lighting bar, mount it to a truss structure or stand it directly on the floor angled upwards.

Offering a host of advanced features, the COB Cannon Wash ST and COB Cannon Wash ST DW are both ideal for any situation requiring professional wash lighting. They offer 0-100% digital dimming as well as a choice of five selectable dimming curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural and Theatre). The fixtures also feature pulse and strobe effect functions and offer flicker-free operation making them ideal for applications that will involve either live-streaming or video recording.

A 4-character LED display for mode selection and DMX addressing is located on the rear panel alongside all of the input and output connection sockets. For added convenience both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets are provided for DMX connection, which means that these fixtures can be easily integrated into any existing lighting system. Professional-caliber locking powerCON input and output sockets are also provided, which allow the power supply for up to five fixtures to be daisy-chained from a single outlet.

The COB Cannon Wash ST features 64 built-in macros which allow for easy selection of popular RGBA colors either directly from the control panel or via DMX. Likewise, the COB Cannon Wash ST DW offers a 8 warm white / cool white combination macros accessible from the LCD menu or using DMX control. Both fixtures provide the choice of seven DMX channel mode options – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 – making them suitable for a wide range of control options. Further adding to their flexibility, the units are also compatible with ADJ’s RFC remote (sold separately), that provides simple wireless color selection.

The compact COB Cannon Wash ST casing measures 13” x 10” x 7.5” / 330 x 256 x 190mm (with the bracket) and 8.75” x 7.5” x 7.5” / 218.5 x 190 x 190mm (without). It weighs just 9 lbs. / 4.1 kg, making it easy to carry, lift and rig. The supplied lens kits are easy to attached using a sprung metal retaining ring, while an optional Barn Doors kit (BAR001) is also available if required (sold separately).

“The original COB Cannon Wash fixtures have proved to be extremely popular,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, “offering lighting designers the shadow less color mixing and high power output of COB LED technology, housed in feature-packed and flexible fixtures. Building on that success we are now excited to be able to introduce the new COB Cannon Wash ST models which offer the same powerful output and flexibility but housed in a more compact case ideal for use in situations where space is limited.”

The new ADJ COB Cannon Wash ST and COB Cannon Wash ST DW fixtures are available now from ADJ subsidiaries and dealers worldwide.