Created from the ground up, Q-SYS is a software-based platform built around an open IT-friendly ecosystem. It uniquely leverages the power of Intel processing, the robustness and mission critical reliability of a Linux operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards. This IT-centric layered approach allows QSC to easily migrate the Q-SYS Ecosystem to other Intel platforms as they introduce new, faster chipsets, and to other off-the-shelf hardware. Furthermore, its usage of IT-standard protocols makes the Q-SYS Ecosystem highly extensible for future IT functions and platforms.

Software-based Features – No Additional Hardware Required
Q-SYS offers audio, video and control (AV&C) features at the software level, which means no need for dedicated hardware like most competitive systems do. Invest in a platform that develops over time through software upgrades. Below are just a few of the built-in features currently available through Q-SYS.

Q-SYS is Audio

Analog and digital audio via Q-SYS I/O peripherals
AES67-enabled devices can stream audio without additional hardware or licensing fees
Edge network support for Dante™, AVB and CobraNet™
Best-in-class AEC processing and EQ capabilities

Q-SYS is Video

Networked conferencing cameras and end points with no clumsy USB extensions
Driverless USB integration for Skype for Business™, GoToMeeting®, Zoom and more
Single platform for in-rack PC, BYOD and interactive whiteboards

Q-SYS is Control

Advanced Lua scripting editor for customized third-party control
Growing library of plugins and scripts
Native Q-SYS touch screen controllers
Simple drag-and-drop GUI configuration for user control interfaces

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