The next generation of advanced, intelligent, active loudspeakers is further enhanced with free QSC SysNav™ App

SFM is proud to announce the launch of the L Class by QSC. This is the next generation of advanced, intelligent, active loudspeakers for applications ranging from simple, portable, plug-and-play setups, to demanding, networked, high-tech AV productions and fixed installations.

The remarkable result of a deep understanding of customer needs and application requirements, L Class delivers its exceptional performance and extraordinary audio experience via high-output amplification, state-of-the-art DSP, premium components, extensive system intelligence and an elegantly intuitive user interface. L Class also sets a new standard for ease of use, as its users will be able to confidently configure and deploy any L Class system with unmatched speed and reliability. Onboard Dante® connects L Class to networked AV systems and connected stages.

Meticulously developed with sound quality and expandability in mind, the new LA108 (two-way, 8 inch) and LA112 (two-way, 12 inch) active line array loudspeakers are complemented by the LS118 (single 18 inch) active subwoofer, each offering a brilliant combination of leading-edge innovation and ease of use.

Both LA108 and LA112 line array loudspeakers can be deployed using dedicated array frames, ground-stacked (array frame combined with optional sub-stack adapter) or mounted in one of two pole cups using loudspeaker stands or poles of various lengths. The LS118 can be deployed in both horizontal and vertical orientations in a ground-stack configuration or using one of its two pole receptacles.

All three models feature daisy-chain connections for analog and digital audio as well as AC power (PowerCON TRUE1) and are backed by an industry-best global Six-Year Extended Warranty, with product registration.

The QSC SysNav™ (System Navigator) App for Windows and iPadOS further enhances the L Class user experience, providing the ability to easily design, configure, control, monitor and apply signal processing to individual loudspeakers, full arrays or groupings of both. Additionally, the AIM (Array Installation Modeling) prediction tool lets the user visualize array coverage by positioning virtual loudspeakers and arrays in a scaled, graphical model of a venue or installation space.


  • Proprietary QSC LEAF™ (Length-Equalized Acoustic Flare) waveguide
  • QSC RapidDeploy™ ergonomically designed, single operator rigging system
  • QSC AWARE™ (Automatic Wireless Array Recognition) system intelligence also provides one-button single box or full array intelligence and optimization


  • DEEP™ mode for additional low frequency extension and driver excursion processing
  • QSC Acoustic Linear Phase (ALP) design for cohesive phase response when deployed with other QSC loudspeakers in a given environment
  • On-board DSP to optimize and protect system performance and array two units in a cardioid arrangement to maximize low frequency output in front while minimizing unwanted energy around the sides and rear of the system

The QSC L Class Intelligent Active Loudspeakers will be available at Authorized QSC dealers across Canada in June 2023 for the LA108 & LA112 and late fall 2023 for the LS118.

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