QSC is excited to announce it has begun shipping its recently announced Premium Business Music Solutions – the MP-M Series paging and music mixers, including wall-mount controllers and smart device apps, the MP-A Series multi-channel amplifiers, and AcousticDesign™ Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers. These components offer a complete end-to-end audio solution for background and foreground music reinforcement in retail, restaurant, hospitality and other commercial spaces.

“QSC Premium Business Music Solutions represent a blend of QSC’s long history of quality and product leadership across amplification, processing, mixing, control and loudspeaker technologies,” says David Fuller, Senior Director of Product Management – Live Sound, QSC. “We’ve set out to reimagine the business music category by dramatically simplifying the configuration and installation process, providing flexible control options for a diverse set of users. This comprehensive portfolio delivers a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, high performance background/foreground audio experience unlike anything currently available.”

The QSC Premium Business Music solutions are now available in North America and coming soon in Europe and Asia. For more information on the full portfolio of QSC Premium Business Music solutions, please visit: www.qsc.com/businessmusic.

Solution Details:

MP-M Series paging and music mixers

  • Includes the MP-M40 (8 inputs/4 outputs) and the MP-M80 (16 inputs/8 outputs)
  • Allows for processing and routing of high-quality audio to multiple zones and mixing functionality for live speech reinforcement
  • Compact 1U mixers include a wealth of DSP resources including priority ducking, scheduling automatic mixing functionalities, plus Intrinsic Correction™ technology (factory FIR/IIR presets) for QSC loudspeakers

MP-MFC wall controllers

  • Provides source selection, scene selection and volume control for the end user
  • Available in North American (Decora™ compatible) or European models, which can be installed in standard electrical boxes

MP Install app

  • Configuration app helps to expedite design and configuration of MP-M Series mixers
  • Features intuitive workflow that guides integrators through the entire configuration process, including EQ settings, end user controller set up, and more
  • Now available for download on iOS/Android tablets and Windows PCs

MP Manage app

  • Provides wireless end user control of day-to-day operations of MP-M Series mixers, including customized user privileges settings, level control, source selection, scheduling, scenes, as well as store-and-forward paging capabilities
  • Now available for download on iOS/Android tablets and smartphones.

MP-A Series

  • Includes MP-A20V (200W x 2 channels), MP-A40V (200W x 4 channels), and MP-A80V (200W x 8 channels)
  • Efficient Class-D technology featuring with incredible channel density and functionality in a small 1U chassis
  • Features QSC’s new FlexAmp™, which enables installers to configure each pair of channels to deliver up to 400W of total output power, in any ratio

AcousticDesign™ Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers

  • Series includes surface-mount (AD-S.SUB and AD-S.SAT), ceiling-mount (AD-C.SUB and AD-C.SAT) and pendant-mount (AD-P.SUB and AD-P.SAT) subwoofer/satellite enclosures
  • Mix & match enclosure types offer same balanced sonic characteristics and high-end aesthetics as other AcousticDesign loudspeakers
  • Easy-to-install with built-in high pass satellite outputs, snap-fit magnetic grills, and easy, repeatable wall-mounting system