TouchMix now controllable by virtually any wireless tablet or smart-phone device

QSC is pleased to announce the release of TouchMix Control Android App for Android-based tablets and smart-phones. Like its iOS predecessor, the Android app offers users comprehensive control of the TouchMix digital mixer, effectively replicating the on-mixer touch screen interface. The full compliment of features is available to tablet device users on both platforms. On Android smart-phones or Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the TouchMix Control App operates as a compact, personal stage monitor AUX mixing solution.

qsc-android1015Up to twelve external devices comprising any combination of Android or Apple iOS smart-phones or tablets may be connected at once to a TouchMix mixer. In multiple wireless device operation, the TouchMix operator may allow or restrict access to functions on a per-device basis from the mixer.

“We are very excited about the Android release,” states Jon Graves, QSC TouchMix Product Manager. “Wireless mixer control is an extremely important and powerful feature of the TouchMix and now that we offer both iOS and Android apps, customers throughout the world can enjoy the full compliment of TouchMix features and benefits.”

TouchMix Control Android App is initially released as a beta due to the large number of Android-based tablets and smartphones on the market. QSC has provided an online forum for users to provide feedback during the beta testing process.

TouchMix Control is a free downloadable App from Google Play HERE
The iOS app is available at the iTunes Store HERE

TouchMix Control Android App Features:

  • See virtually the same interface and operational controls on your Android or iOS tablet as you see on the TouchMix hardware screen. Includes TouchMix Info system, built-in reference guide.
  • When not connected wirelessly, operates in offline demonstration mode.


  • Remotely controls main and auxiliary mixes, pans, effects return levels, record/playback functions and user buttons for QSC TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16 digital mixers.

System Requirements:

  • Android tablet or smart-phone running Android OS 4.4 or later
  • iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 6 or later
  • QSC TouchMix-8 or TouchMix-16 with version 2.1.4922 or higher. This firmware is available at or by clicking HERE
  • QSC TouchMix-8 or TouchMix-16 with supplied Wi-Fi adaptor installed or connected to a network via USB-to-Ethernet adaptor (not required for offline use.)

For more information about TouchMix visit: