The AJ Ghent signature edition features all the power of the Quilter Tone Block 202 overlayed on the intricate beauty of the Celestion Copperback. With tilt legs for stage and performance monitoring, this is Gino’s amplifier of choice for both performance and recording.

Watch the AJ demo the amp here:

The AJ Ghent 12 features: 

  • Overdrive 202
  • BlockDock 12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion Copperback
  • Laser engraved tilt-back legs and badge
  • XLR and headphone output
  • Second overdrive channel with independent level control
  • Onboard limiter, digital reverb and three band EQ

High-res photos:
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Retail: $2049.00
MAP: $1749.00

“Tone and sustainability are two important factors to keep in mind, when searching for the ultimate amp combo. I’ve spent many years on this quest and have finally reached the promise land with Quilter Amplification. The articulation and singing sound I get from the Overdrive 202 and my cab is UNMATCHED. From clean to dirty, this combination delivers the vocal like sound I’m known for, keeping me in awe every time I plug in and play. I’m so excited to about working with Quilter Labs on this,” says AJ Ghent.