The Gino Matteo signature edition features all the power of the Quilter Tone Block 202 overlayed on the intricate beauty of the Celestion Copperback. With tilt legs for stage and performance monitoring, this is Gino’s amplifier of choice for both performance and recording.

Watch Gino demo the amp here:

The Gino Matteo 12 features:

  • Tone Block 202
  • BlockDock 12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion Copperback
  • Laser engraved tilt-back legs and badge
  • XLR and headphone output
  • FRFR mode
  • Onboard limiter, digital reverb and three band EQ

High-res photos:
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Retail: $2049.00

“This amp/speaker combo gives me everything I need as a working guitarist. The range of sounds and textures I can get out of this amp really does make it a cure-all for any situation. Club, theater, studio, loud outdoor festival, quiet casual, it handles it all with ease. It’s got headroom for days if I want it, clarity and grit and as much dirt as I want, it takes pedals incredibly well and the reverb just feels like home. It’s also virtually bulletproof and super lightweight. It just wins the amp contest for me,“ says Gino Matteo.