This year is incredibly exciting for Schecter. With 3 totally new series, and some additions and modifications on some classics, they are very excited to share with you everything they’ve been working on.

Going into this year Schecter are releasing 3 new series:

  • The Platinum series, which features sleek satin finishes and comes in a new aggressive S-II body style
  • The Banshee Elite, which is the neck thru everyone’s been waiting for!
  • The Hellraiser Passive, which is the often requested passive version of the famed Hellraiser series.

A new color of the famous Keith Merrow 7 strings Series has been introduced at NAMM: Lamborghini Metallic Orange, with carbon fiber binding and new additions to the Deluxe series: C-6 FR, C-7 & C-8.

In addition to the new series, coming equipped on the Banshee Elite, Hellraiser Passive and other select models, Schecter are proud to offer an EXCLUSIVE FLOYD ROSE series bridge. With stainless steel appointments and upgrades to help keep the guitar in tune and ready to rock with seamless playability, the Floyd Rose 1500 Series is the top of line trem system that Schecter are offering on most of their 2015 models. And you can ONLY get them with Schecter!

The next thing they have to gush about is something tiny that packs a punch! In 2015 Schecter are reintroducing their Schecter Custom Shop USA Pickups…ready to play, in your guitar. That’s right! In both their Banshee Elite and Hellraiser Passive series they have equipped them with Handmade USA Schecter Custom Shop Pickups. Their SuperCharger Mach Series and Brimstone pickups come stock in their respective series.