SFM is proud to announce its appointment as the exclusive Canadian distributor of Teisco.

Teisco (テスコ) started out as a Japanese manufacturer of affordable musical instruments in 1948. These included guitars, basses, amplifiers, synths and at one point, even drums. Known for its electronic innovation and unconventional aesthetic, it became popular with artists and musicians as an affordable yet more experimental option. Teisco continues to enjoy strong collectors’ interest today and is still regarded as a vintage favorite.

Today, Teisco continues to innovate and make sound-altering products inspiring new generations to push musical boundaries. Its return to the market is under the BandLab Technologies banner as part of the group’s portfolio of music-focused brands, with plans to reintroduce a broad range of instruments and creative tools for the modern musician. To begin, Teisco has released three analog pedals: Delay, Fuzz, and Boost.

Teisco’s vision is to create a universe of fearless music explorers by developing products that inspire and awaken a bold spirit in musicians. Their products strive to empower all kinds of musicians to continually push boundaries and break barriers.

For more information about Teisco and their currently available analog pedals, please visit https://teisco.com/.