After a long, pandemic-induced stint in Buffalo, NY, September 2021 saw the Toronto Blue Jays finally come home to the Rogers Centre. But something had changed in the way stadium goers experience games. Things just didn’t sound the same. Now it was really something. It, was the major audio system overhaul—a state-of-the-art, distributed audio system designed by Anthony James Partners (AJP) in Richmond, VA. And with the help of All Pro (Pensacola, FL), and Spark Power (Oakville, ON) this replaced a system whose component list spanned from vintage 1989 stock, to the second-generation upgrade of 2000. This system, powered by top brands EAW, QSC, Shure, and Neutrik, makes it safe to say we at SFM are proud to have played our part in making it a reality.

In the October issue of Professional Sound magazine, Andrew Leyenhorst’s cover story dives into the tech, the tune-ups, and the various tribulations the crews had bringing this nearly one-of-a-kind project to fruition, and how, in some cases, the tech that powers it all helped them overcome these obstacles. With such a roster of gear, teams on the ground (and in the air), as well as the location, this system install is historic in its size and significance.

The Blue Jays came home, and the sound is great. When the 2022 season begins, over 800 EAW loudspeakers will again clarion in tandem with the spirit of the lone Major League stadium in Canada, the Rogers Centre in Toronto and we at SFM couldn’t be happier that we had the chance to be part of the change.

Dive into this historic install in the October issue of Professional Sound, now available in both print and online versions here.

Brand / Category Model Description QTY
QX564I-WP Loudspeaker – 60×45 3-Way White 29
QX594I-WP Loudspeaker – 90×45 3-Way White 22
QX596I-WP Loudspeaker – 90×60 3-Way White 4
QX566i-WP Loudspeaker – 90×90 3-Way White 23
QX399I-WP Loudspeaker – 90×90 White 2
QX394I-WP Loudspeaker – 90×45 White 47
MK8126I Loudspeaker – 100 Section – 2-way White 178
JF80Z Loudspeaker – 100 SECTION – 2-way White 92
JF60Z Loudspeaker – SkyClub – White 6
QX5-UB-WH Loudspeaker Mounting Bracket QX-5 Series White 78
QX3-UB-WH Loudspeaker Mounting Brackets QX-3 Series White 49
QX-Adapter-Bracket-WH QX Adapter Bracket – Needed for every QX Mounting Bracket 127
MK8000/UB80-UB Loudspeaker Mounting Bracket – MK8126I White 178
JF80Z-UB-WH Loudspeaker Mounting Bracket- JF80ZPL-WP White 92
JF60Z-UB-WH Loudspeaker Mounting Bracket White 6
Core110f Q-SYS CORE 8
CDN64 Dante Card 2
CAES4 Digital AES Card 4
CIML4 Input Card 8
COL4 Output Card 8
I/O Frame Frame 6
TSC-116W-G2 Networked Touchscreen Controller 5
TouchMix-8 1
SCRIPTING LICENSE – Core510 Scripting License 2
UCI LICENSE – Core510 UCI License 2
SCRIPTING LICENSE – Core110 Scripting License 8
UCI LICENSE – Core110 UCI License 8
AD-S8T-BK Loudspeaker – 8×1 Down-Firing Gate Speakers White 161
AD-S10T-WT Loudspeaker – 10×1 Street Gate Speakers White 63
AD-P6T-WH Loudspeakers – 6.5″x 1″ BOH PENDANT SPEAKER 172
CXD4.2Q Amplifier 4-Ch. – QX-5 Series 1xHF 36
CXD4.5Q Amplifier 4-Ch. – QX-3 Series 2xLF 79
CXD4.3Q Amplifier 4-Ch. – MK8126i 27
CXD8.8Q Amplifier 8-Ch. – (300/400 Suites- QSC AD-S6T) 7
Alternative switch option, pre-configured by QSC with onsite support
NS-1148P Q-SYS 1 RU Network Switch -48 1Gbps Ports-24 POE-Q-LAN 8
NS-1124P Q-SYS 1 RU Network Switch -24 1Gbps Ports-12 POE-Q-LAN 8
Neutrik 4
NA2-IO-DLINE 2 X 2 Dante I/O interface Device 4
P9T PSM900 Transmitter 1
P9RA+ PSM900 Receiver 1
AXT630 Wireless Antenna Combiner 1
DFR-22 Stereo Signal Processor 1
AD4DUS Two-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver 2
AD2/B58 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone 4
SB900A Wireless Batteries – Handhelds 8
UA874US Paddle Antenna 2
SBC-AX SB900A Charging Module for SBRC 4
SBRC 8 Bay Battery Charging Station 1