Grow your business. Smartly.

Welcome to SFM Money™.

Our mission, put quite simply, is to help you grow your business. Smartly.

After nearly 40 years in this business, we understand that the audiovisual, live entertainment and media production industries can be unpredictable and capital-intensive. What’s more, we know that the financial rhythm of your business doesn’t always follow consistent cycles.

Whether it’s a matter of managing the intricate cash-flow demands of a large integration project or increasing your equipment inventory for the upcoming touring season, we offer financing options that allow you to get the equipment you need now, while giving you the financial leeway to capitalize on additional business opportunities.

We understand that your needs can vary greatly from one opportunity to the next. SFM Money™ works with you to find solutions to help you manage your capital and your cash flow. Month-to-month, year-to-year and project-by-project.

In addition to our own in-house financing options, we’ve established partnerships with reputable third-party financial institutions to offer an even wider range of flexible solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Financing options*

Short-Term Financing

Tired of starting over every time you want to make a large purchase?

SFM Money™ offers in-house short-term purchase financing options for periods of six to twelve months to customers in good standing with a good credit history, with no additional paperwork required. Really.

Flexible Short-Term Financing

Lots of ebbs and flows to your revenue stream?

SFM Money™ offers short-term financing arrangements tailored to your business’ cash flow. Whether you need project-based financing or seasonal flexibility, we’ll work with you on a re-payment schedule that suits your needs.

Long-Term Financing

Looking at making a large investment where you’ll need financing for more than twelve months?

Long-term financing and lease financing can be great options. SFM Money™ has identified and established a network of reputable third-party financial partners who understand our industry, and who share our customer service values. We’ll work with you on identifying your specific requirements, and help facilitate a transaction between you and the appropriate partner.

* All options offered OAC (On Approved Credit).

Why Lease Financing?

Lease financing has many advantages compared to conventional purchase financing.

  • Increase your working capital

    Lease financing gives you access to revenue-generating equipment without any up-front payment required and spreads the cost over the negotiated term of the lease agreement. You pay for the equipment over time from the income it generates. This allows you to use your existing working capital for additional business opportunities.

  • Keep debt off your balance sheet

    Lease financing agreements can be categorized as an operating lease. Because of this, they’re not recognized as debt on your balance sheet, but rather as an operating expense on your statement of earnings. This allows you to keep your credit rating intact, thus giving you headroom to obtain additional financing for your business.

  • Finance the whole, not just part

    Lease financing allows you to finance all costs associated with a project, including not only the purchase of the equipment itself, but any accessories and set-up costs as well. This reduces the strain on your cash flow.

  • Make your cash flow more predictable

    Lease payments are usually equal predetermined monthly amounts, making cash management more predictable and easier to manage than a variable rate loan. The fixed interest rate of a lease also protects you from rising interest rates.

  • Defer taxes

    For tax purposes, lease payments are treated as an operating rather than as a capital expenditure. This means that your payments can be expensed in full as they occur rather than the asset being amortized over its lifespan, thus immediately reducing your business’s taxable revenue. And since you pay the sales taxes on a per payment basis rather than all upfront, these taxes are deferred as well.

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