What is ShelfLife?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a ton of products on SFM Shop.

As time goes by, there’s always the chance that some products go unnoticed and get shuffled to the bottom of the pile.

ShelfLife is SFM’s new way of showcasing products that you might be interested in, but that you might not have noticed. This is your new matchmaker*, bringing you seasoned products from SFM Shop at massively reduced prices.

Is ShelfLife a separate store?

No, not for now. ShelfLife is simply a section of SFM Shop that groups together all products that qualify. SFM Shop’s general rules still apply.

What types of products qualify for ShelfLife?

There are numerous reasons why an SFM Shop product could end up with a ShelfLife profile. Sometimes we might feel that products haven’t gotten their just due and we want to bring them out into the light.

Sometimes we feel they’ve been around a bit too long and thus not really providing as much satisfaction out in the world as they could be. They’ve got plenty of good to give!

It all depends…

One thing’s for sure, if the product is on ShelfLife, it is ready to leave for a steal.

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*Because there’s so much product in SFM SHOP, ShelfLife is a communication initiative to bring visibility to the products on the site. It’s not an actual matchmaking site. It’s simply a creative way to shed light on some products that may have gotten buried in their categories on SFM Shop.