What is ShelfLife?

If you’re here, you’re looking for something.

What that something is though, you’re not too sure. One thing you do know is that every day comes and goes, while you stay put, right where you are.

Yeah, sure, you’ll get moved around a bit to make place for new arrivals, or for a clean up now and then. But mostly, as the lights dim each night, you can help the sinking feeling that you’re just going to be left on the shelf.


Despite all the good you can give to the AV world.

There’s no denying it now, you want to get out there and live your best life. The one you know you could be living if only you found that special match to help you take the plunge.

ShelfLife helps you find that special someone who wants to make sure you get your fill of long moonlit tour bus rides, hot nights at the club, or even secure that position you’ve always wanted in the structure of a big organization.

No matter what you’re dreaming that next step will be, ShelfLife puts you in contact with the best matches for you. Matches that can make your next step happen.

If you’re a human reading this – visit this page instead.