New Two-Channel System Hardware and Firmware Upgrade Now Available

Niles, Ill., June 8, 2016 — Today at InfoComm 2016, Shure Incorporated showcased a two-channel version of its Microflex® Wireless System (MXW). Launched in 2013, the versatile and scalable MXW systems’ range of wireless microphones and supporting hardware have become the industry go-to solution for managed AV conferencing in large corporate boardrooms, multi-room environments, and networked campuses. The dual-channel update is intended to accommodate smaller spaces such as higher education classrooms, small conference rooms, and videoconferencing applications.

The MXWNCS2, a dual-channel version of the existing four and eight channel networked charging stations, conveniently locates presenter microphones in Microflex Wireless networked environments. Connecting to the system over Ethernet, the charging station easily links docked microphones to Access Point Transceivers. Compatible with MXW1, MXW2, and MXW6 Wireless Transmitters, the MXWNCS2 features two charging docks that can easily be installed on a wall or podium using the included mount bracket. Networked connectivity allows remote battery status monitoring and one-touch transmitter linking to the MXWAPT2 dual-channel Access Point Transceiver, or wireless mic routing hardware. Automatically coordinating clean frequency assignments, the transceiver boasts a lightweight, discreet design with a paintable cover to match interior room colors.

fd7a8774-1c3e-4347-9ca2-355b62462c26The compact dimensions of both units extend the use of MXW to smaller-scale installations, such as small strategy planning or huddle rooms. The hardware is also suitable for environments where fewer microphones are required, including university lecture halls and corporate training facilities. The Dante™-enabled units are networkable, and meet the demand for large-scale central monitoring and control within networked campuses or global corporate networks.

The Microflex Wireless line addition also includes the introduction of updated firmware (version 4). In addition to making existing Microflex Wireless systems compatible with the new two-channel MXWAPT2 and MXWNCS2, the update enables users to establish a backup microphone that operates on the same audio channel as the main microphone. This also provides a backup option in the event that the battery pack for the main microphone dies. A remote pairing feature enables users to link spare Microflex Wireless microphones that may be needed to any access point with a single control system command, on short notice.

The Microflex Wireless two-channel system and firmware upgrade features are now available. To learn more, go to