A question you’ll never have to ask yourself again:
Is this thing on?

As Shure continues to excite and amaze us with innovative and previously unknown state of the art wireless technologies, there is one extremely useful feature that may have gone virtually unnoticed.

This failsafe feature applies to ULX-D and QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems that take advantage of Shure’s SB900 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries and SBC200-US dual-docking charger.

It is the ability of the SBC200-US charger to accept both body-pack and handheld transmitters by simply dropping them into the stand-up slots that makes this possible. If the transmitter is powered “ON” when placed in the charger, it will sense that charging has begun and power down. As soon as it is removed from the charger, as long as the power switch is still ON, the transmitter will power up once again and be ready to go. This eliminates the need to remember to turn on the transmitter.

This is perfect for performers or pastors who may forget to flip their power switches on, and failure to do so offers a much greater opportunity for embarrassment. With this tip, gone are the days of remembering to turn on your mic midway through a sermon!

shure-wdx815BIn an even safer arrangement, the transmitter can be power-locked on and then can’t be turned off either accidentally or intentionally other than by placing it in the charger. Locking ON can be achieved in a few different ways, either by using the transmitter’s local controls, through the receiver’s IR sync menu at the receiver, through Shure Wireless Workbench software, or ShurePlus™ Channels iOS App. The last three choices will then only take effect when the transmitter is IR synced with the receiver.

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