Account Manager

“Hello! I think we’ve met before. My name’s Sandra (35) and I’m an account manager for a Systems Integration company.”

I started out as an end customer and, after seeing the potential in the field, I got into the tech and chiselled out a place in the industry for myself. It didn’t come quick. I did that over a few years.”

“I’ve built a good reputation for myself and my company on my listening skills. It’s made me what I am. That’s what I do, I listen and help. That doesn’t mean I don’t have financial goals in life just like anyone else. I’m working to build a life for me and my family.”

“I must admit, it’s hard to stay competitive while maintaining healthy profit levels. The past couple years have really worn on my patience. You know what I mean, out of stock products, tons of administrative tasks, needing to get new leads AND chase down people to keep everyone happy. I just don’t think many people understand how of a balancing act I need to do to get projects over the finish line.”

“I spend a lot of time trying to learn about new tech and I like to think that I can adapt quickly.

I really enjoy when a business shows me that they’re reliable, knowledgeable, and responsive. As far as products go, if you’re consistently bringing me reliable and dependably manufactured products, you’re on my short list.”