Tech Team Member

“Hey! I’m James (45), a member of the tech team for a successful systems integrator. If you’ve been out in the field on some of the systems projects, maybe you’ve talked to some of my colleagues.”

“We’re out here working on projects that involve products that we’re certified for, and some that we’re not. We work hard to know what we are talking about with our clients, and sometimes that requires your help. Our team has a variety of education backgrounds, but we depend on certifications, supplier resources, and product experience to keep up with our customers needs. We’re definitely seeing the AV and IT worlds converging.”

” Yes, it’s true. I have preferred and endorsed suppliers that carry products that I have past experience with. Sometimes I have no choice. It seems like a bias, and, in a way, it is, but if I have to make a recommendation, of course I’m going to recommend something that I can readily work with.”

“I take a lot of pride in good working relationships with the goal of doing a great job that produces excellent results for my company.”

“I’m always learning about new tech and I’m looking forward to seeing how technology evolves. What I really value when I speak to you, is that we can talk on the same level around solutions-driven support. If you can help me after hours and on the weekends, I love it.”