“So, hi! I’m Sherrie (45), a buyer for a leading Systems Integrator. I might come across a bit overly serious sometimes but really, I am just trying to optimize. Business is business; it’s nothing personal.”nchanged.

“I have a pretty clear mandate, and that is to get the best possible margins. I have cashflow to consider and have clear KPIs related to driving improvement for our bottom line.”

“I’ll admit, I’ve come to value trust very highly. I have seen a lot of projects come to pass, and I have had my share of hassles. Some of that blows back on me. Inconsistent delivery, inconsistency in cost/price and delivery information are some things that I’ll have to field questions about.”

“It goes without saying that I want to ensure that stakeholder reports are compelling. And I want the most accurate data possible so that I can meet the business requirements.”

“What makes me really love doing business with a company is that they’re transparent and consistent, and that your product supply is dependable.