“Hey! I’m John (58), the owner of a successful Systems Integrator company. Even though I am on your contact lists, I am not necessarily the person to talk to when it’s time to discuss products and individual projects.”

“I’m generally not directly involved in projects or the day-to-day of what you’d see. It wasn’t always that way though. I cut my teeth back in the 80’s in live production and have been in business since around then as well. Thinking about slowing down now, though.”

“If we ‘d did talk more in depth, you’d see that I still feel quite strongly about maintaining a good industry reputation for quality and innovation. I haven’t lost my spark for the industry, it’s just that… ok, at one time I really wanted to handle supplier relations myself, to keep the relationship going. But I’ve just realized that I’ve got to step back and let others in the company make the decisions.”

“What I value from you is reliable service, expert advice, and consistency in product price and delivery performance.”