Russound is proud to announce the immediate availability of SiriusXM for Business on all of its streaming media products:

  • MCA-88X (Requires Firmware Version 2.00.12 or Higher)
  • DMS-3.1 (Requires Firmware Version 7.01.03 or Higher)
  • X5 (Requires Firmware Version 3.01.3 or Higher)

SiriusXM for Business is an ideal solution for all commercial installations where music will be played for a public audience.


Forget the complicated reporting and license arrangements with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. SiriusXM handles all of this automatically so your customers don’t have to do it.

Easy Installation
Use Russound’s streaming products that you are already using for your residential installations. Simply configure the SiriusXM accounts on your Russound streaming products using authorized SiriusXM for Business login information.

With plans as low as $29.99 per month, adding licensed music for any business has just become an easy decision.

Over 100 total channels available and a selection of 30 channels that are DJ and Interruption-free, exclusive to SiriusXM for Business customers.