Popular Project Configurations

Whether you’re ready to begin thinking about a new audiovisual system for your organization, or certain that you’ll need help understanding how and where to begin on the path to better AV, SFM is here to help.

This project configuration tool presents you with various possible scenarios and the system setups–featuring global brand–that can go along with them. If you find a scenario that fits your needs, we invite you to reach out to us so we can help connect you with people who can help get your project done. Or if you just want more information, reach out too. We’d love to talk to you either way!

Corporate / Finance

Small / Huddle Room

1-5 people

Medium Boardroom

6-10 people

Large Boardroom

11-18 people


Hotel Room

1-4 people

Divisible Spaces

150-450 people

Restaurant / Bar


Lecture Hall

10-70 people

Training Room

5-30 people