Hotel Room (1-4 people)

Example Scenario:

Two high-profile guests are attending a 3-day AV conference and staying in a luxury business suite at your hotel. Being the hotel manager, you greet them at the front desk. They check in, get their room key, and make their way up to their suite. After being in the room for 2 days, they feel satisfied with their overall experience. However, having stayed in other luxury hotel rooms before, they wish this room had better features or a more centralized system to automatically control lighting, temperature, blinds that open and close based on time of day, or even help quickly find and call the best nearby restaurants in town.

The result: The next day, the guests share their experience with you and make some suggestions for an improved stay:

It would be nice if the room reacted to guest’s presence and if the lights turned on automatically as you walked in. Having the temperature automatically adjust to your favorite settings would be nice, too. How about a wake-up call that’s triggered by playing your favorite song (and no need for an alarm clock)? It would be great if we could set the room to slowly open the shades at a specific time in the morning, start the coffee maker, control the TV or even have the bathroom light slowly dim up to provide a light-path at night when we open the bathroom door.

The hotel manager takes note of the guests’ suggestions for subsequent consideration with the hotel owner.

So now, your hotel considers upgrading its amenities to eventually add a more state-of-the art room control system across the hotel’s luxury and business suites for a better experience for all future guests.

But where do you start?
Naturally, the available solutions out there are vast and can be intimidating, so you may need some guidance or recommendations on what the best setup for your needs might be.

To help you get started, here’s a detailed example of one possible system setup for a luxury hotel room.

The System:

Using the Q-SYS vCore as the central “brains” of the system, it will allow the magic of creating the best guest experience for any hotel enterprise. Running the vCore on an in-room mounted PC, and using some connect Q-SYS IO devices, either by the touch of a soft button on the bed-side touchscreen and/or using an occupancy sensor, the room can be fully automated based on the guests’ needs and wants from temperature control, motorized shades, television control, lighting control, entertainment system and more. In a connected world, most devices can be connected and programmed to the vCore, all on the same network, with just a single network (cat5e) cable. A small Q-SYS network amplifier can then power either a pair of discreet in-ceiling Q-SYS speakers or a high-fidelity pair of Genelec speakers for more boutique-style hotels. With a strategically programmed bedside touchscreen, the hotel can affiliate itself with the best service partners in town and help elevate the guest experience by having a one-touch button shortcut to call a taxi service, guest services, or any of the best restaurants in town. This helps enhance the customer experience and reduce calls to the concierge. Additionally, the hotel can charge a fee to businesses or service partners to display their “shortcut button” on the touchscreen, which would help cover the cost of the entire system. The sky’s the limit when it comes to having the Q-SYS vCore as the main processor.

Sound complex?

Let’s talk, we’ll break it down for you.

List of Gear:

  • Displays

  • Touchscreen (User Interface)

  • Network Switch

  • Wireless Access Point

  • AVoverIP

  • Speakers

  • Amplifiers

  • Power

  • DSP

  • Cables

  • HVAC

  • Lighting

Supported Brands*:

*Different brands & products support this solution.

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