Lecture Hall (10-70 people)

Example Scenario:

Two guest speakers are invited to give a keynote speech at your institute’s lecture hall. As they enter, they set up the laptop, connect it to the projector, and begin the lecture. However, they soon realize that the AV system is not working properly. The image on the screen is blurry, and the colors are distorted. The sound quality is also poor, making it hard for the audience to hear their lecture clearly.

The guest speakers try to troubleshoot the issue by adjusting the settings on the laptop and checking the cables. However, nothing seems to work. The institute’s onsite IT staff intervenes to try to resolve the technical issues. After a few minutes of troubleshooting, the IT team still can’t resolve the problems and realizes that some of the AV components are slightly outdated and need repairs or upgrades.

Unfortunately, the lecture must go on without the use of visual aids or proper audio. The result: the presenters and the institute’s staff are frustrated because the poor AV system hindered the presenters’ ability to communicate their ideas effectively to the numerous attendees, not to mention wasting precious time and money for the institute.

So now, your institution must consider upgrading some or all of the AV equipment in the lecture hall to provide a better audio and visual experience for future presentations.

But where do you start? 

Naturally, the available solutions out there are vast and can be intimidating, so you may need some guidance or recommendations on what the best setup for your needs might be.

To help you get started, here’s a detailed example of one possible AV setup for a lecture hall. 

The System:

By leveraging the Q-SYS Nano Core processor, as well as the single-cable network-based Shure MXA920 ceiling mic arrays, the Nano Core processor can work ensuring that whether the person speaking is in the room or on the far-end of a call via teleconference, the speech will be clear, concise and avoid any issues with feedback or echo for the far-end attendees. The sound output is also controlled using digital signal processing (DSP) and outputting to a network-based Q-SYS CX-Q network amplifier powering AcousticDesign in-ceiling speakers as well as front of house column speakers. The presenter has the option to use the Shure Wireless MX-series Lapel or Headworn microphone or their wireless Gooseneck podium microphone.

As for the video, the Core Nano will allow the presenter complete control of the video switching for the two Christie Laser projectors, as well as the side auxiliary Christie commercial displays. The video sources and displays are all connected using one cable – the Category 6 network cable which all utilize the AVoverIP technology using Visionary encoders/decoders (DuetE/D-5) allowing for visually lossless video performance. Both the presenter and lecture hall will utilize the Q-SYS NC-series network PTZ cameras for streaming via teleconference or auxiliary displays. The presenter will have the capability of either hooking up his laptop at the podium using an HDMI cable or can wirelessly present mirroring any device using the Blustream AMF-41W. The network devices need to be connected to a solid, reliable and very capable networking speech and the Netgear M4250 was conceived for just that purpose. All these devices will also be protected using Panamax network-based surge suppression units so the administrators can detect any device being down or potentially foresee a future problem and reset the units remotely.

Everything in this scenario, provides the presenters and administrators great flexibility and reliability so that any teachings or lectures, will be well received both by attendees within the room or via the web.

Sound complex?

Let’s talk, we’ll break it down for you.

List of Gear:

  • Displays / Projectors
  • Touchscreen (User Interface)

  • Wireless Access Point

  • Wireless Presentation Device
  • AVoverIP

  • Amplifiers

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Encoder/Decoder

  • DSP

  • Network Switch

  • Cables

  • Camera

  • HVAC

  • Lighting

Supported Brands*:

*Different brands & products support this solution.

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