Restaurant / Bar

Example Scenario:

A popular downtown sports bar/restaurant is hosting the big game. Avid sports fans make their way into the establishment and are set to watch their teams battle for the championship. Wings and drinks are being served as the game is underway on the restaurant’s big projector screen. However, halfway through the first period, the projector begins to flicker, and the sound also begins to drop in and out of the bar’s speakers. The sports bar manager and staff try to fix the issues—they check cables and the display and sound control pads—but nothing seems to work.

The result: Fans get rowdy as they have to move in different spots around the restaurant to watch the rest of the game on smaller flat screens and at much lower volume, as the TVs are not connected to the sound system. Some fans even leave the bar to go elsewhere.

The frustrated sports restaurant manager has to inform the owner about the unfortunate issues and try to find a long-term solution to ensure this situation does not happen again during the next big, televised sporting event.

But where do you start? 
Naturally, the available solutions out there are vast and can be intimidating, so you may need some guidance or recommendations on what the best setup for your needs might be.

To help you get started, here’s a detailed example of one possible AV setup for a sports bar restaurant. 

The System:

The central point of this scenario begins with the Q-SYS Core 8 Flex processor for control, audio processing, and audio/video switching. The Core 8 Flex processor will provide the restaurant four independent audio zones. The restaurant has the capability of switching between SiriusXM audio player, or any of the cable set-top boxes for any sports events.

On the video front, everything is connected with a single category network cable using AVoverIP technology. The cable boxes and signage player will utilize the Blustream IP200 encoders while the auxiliary commercial displays will decode the video using IP200 decoders. This provides the customers different sports on the different displays. The videowall at the bar is strategically placed for the main sporting events. The 1 quad view is normally reserved for major popular events stretching one large image over 2×2 panels, while display 2 and 3 are reserved for two different sports and displays 4 and 5 are for advertising (signage player). All this can be customized based on the needs of the restaurant and bar and controlled using the Q-SYS Touchscreens.

The Core 8 Flex processor will output 4 audio signals to the Q-SYS MP-A80V 70V multi-channel amplifier, creating 4 zones of audio to carefully balance the ambience of the Bar, restaurant area and terrace while giving the private room complete control of its local room. Both the restaurant and private room will control their spaces using Q-SYS wall-mount Touchscreens.

Sound complex?

Let’s talk, we’ll break it down for you.

List of Gear:

  • Displays / Videowall

  • Touchscreen (User Interface)

  • Wireless Access Point

  • Wireless Presentation Device
  • AVoverIP

  • Amplifiers

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Encoder/Decoder

  • DSP

  • Network Switch

  • Cables

Supported Brands*:

*Different brands & products support this solution.

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