Soundbox Productionsacl_360_matrix of Hamilton, Ontario has added Elation Professional ACL Series™ effect lights to its growing inventory of Elation products. Soundbox acquired ACL Bar™ LED battens in August which join a purchase of ACL 360 Matrix™ LED moving head panels from earlier in the year.

“The ACL fixtures are a great piece to accompany any lighting design,” said Colin Moore, Lighting Department Head & Project Manager at Soundbox Productions. “Initially we purchased them to service our touring department but as they have been back at our shop off the road we have been including them in a lot of festivals and corporate events. Especially on outdoor events when 80% of the event happens in the daylight then we can use the ACL’s to create a show all day rather than waiting until the sun goes down.”

The ACL Series is Elation’s popular line energy-efficient line of high-output narrow-beam LED effect lights that uses a high-output RGBW 15W multi-chip LED and advanced collimator lens optic. Part of Soundbox’s decision to go with the ACL Series had to do with affordability, but there were other factors as well. “Part of the decision to go with the ACL fixtures had to do with price; being 2-1 against a certain competitor’s model it caught our eye right way,” Moore says. “But they really had some great improvements compared to other fixtures of its type. The 16-bit dimming for example was a big plus.”

The ACL Series fixtures join a stock of Platinum Beam 5R Extremes™, Elation’s industry standard beam light that they purchased back in July of 2014. “We purchased the Platinum Beam 5R Extreme as beam fixtures are now expected on most festival universal setups for touring LDs. Again, on the same theme of festivals, they are able to cut through the sun so it allows us to provide a good-looking show all day.”

soundbox-logoSoundbox chose the Beam Extremes over other beam fixtures for a few reasons. The Platinum Beam 5R Extreme’s glass composite lens was preferred over the plastic type lens in the original Platinum Beam 5R; Moore says the prism and frost look better and open up wider than any of the competitors; and having focus on the fixture was a feature that you don’t see much with other brands. “The fixture just looked way better. Less hot spots and an even beam is hard to find on any beam fixtures.”

With Elation SixPar Series™ LED Par lights and Cuepix WW2 Blinders also in its inventory, Soundbox offers a growing range of Elation lighting products. Moore comments: “At Soundbox we consistently keep coming back to Elation, not just for our own inventory but also for sales and installations. Even if the price is more we encourage our clients that we have the best support around between the folks at SF Marketing and Elation in LA. We currently just sold some Arena Zoom Pars to a church in Oakville, Ontario, mostly due to our recommendation that if anything goes wrong Elation will stand behind their product 100%. Our Elation sales rep Chuck Green has been a great help and Randy Sergen of SF Marketing is always quick to fix any problem we are having or accommodate us when we have special requests. You really can’t put a price on good service and we appreciate the constant effort from everyone on the Elation team.”