SFM is proud to announce the release of the new DDJ-FLX10 by Pioneer DJ. The 4-channel DDJ-FLX10 for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro includes a host of brand-new features that enables new creative possibilities, including functions DJs can use to easily perform mashups on the fly with no need to prepare tracks in advance. 

Thanks to the controller’s new Track Separation technology, DJs can easily load tracks from their music library to the DDJ-FLX10 and manipulate different musical parts to create infinitely unique performances including live mashups. The controller focuses on the 3 track elements that are crucial to DJing – vocals, drums, and inst. (other instruments) – so DJs can easily play around with each one. 

DJs can reference important information and customize the look of the controller, thanks to the expanded On Jog Display. Improving on the jogs from the popular DDJ-1000, there are 4 On Jog Display modes to choose from, giving DJs the option to display different types of waveform information. 

The DDJ-FLX10 introduces Mix Point Link, a new rekordbox-compatible feature that enables the user to neatly and seamlessly link the playback of tracks in their set while freeing up their hands to help foster creativity. 


Track Separation for Innovative Performances 

The DDJ-FLX10 includes track separation technology, allowing DJs to load songs from their music library and use the controller to manipulate the track’s vocals, drums, and various instruments for live remixes and mashups. There are dedicated color-coded buttons to control each part, so DJs always have a clear visual grasp of what’s playing. 

  • Active Part and Part Iso : Individually adjust the volume for the vocals, drums, or instruments including bass and synths to mix in creative new ways. DJs can also choose to mute any combination of the 3 parts to make live mashups with other tracks.  
  • FX Part Select : Select which part on a track to apply effects. For example, DJs can add echo to the vocals, but leave the other Parts alone. 
  • Part Instant Doubles : Isolate a specific part of the track and transfer it to another deck to scratch it. 

Expanded On Jog Display  

The DDJ-FLX10 On Jog Display keeps everything in one place by customizing information on the jogs. Choose from 4 modes as detailed below, some of which show 3Band Waveforms (rekordbox only), the same as the CDJ-3000 flagship multi player. DJs can also keep an eye on rekordbox vocal position analysis information, pad mode status, the optional rotating digital marker, and Mix Point Link information. 

  • Deck Info mode – shows information including the overall waveform. (Note: When using Serato DJ Pro, this mode shows the virtual deck of Serato DJ Pro.) 
  • Waveform mode – shows the zoomed waveforms for two decks. 
  • Artwork display – shows the artwork for the playing track. 
  • DJ Logo display – shows personal logo or image on each deck after using the Image Transfer Tool for PC/Mac. 

Mix Point Link for rekordbox 

DJs can take advantage of a completely new playback concept that enables them to create a slick musical progression in their sets by linking mix points on tracks, so the next song kicks in at the perfect moment. DJs might set the next track to start from the beginning of its melody when the vocal of the current song ends, ensuring a seamless transition without a sound clash. There’s no need to count down or press play manually, which also leaves their hands free to create mashups or add effects.   

DMX Output for rekordbox Lighting Function 

Simply connect DMX-compatible lighting equipment to the controller directly and use rekordbox to create custom lighting effects, or set the software to automatically adapt the color and movement of the lights to progress with the music. There is no need for an external DMX interface with the DDJ-FLX10. 

MAGVEL FADER 4-Sensor System 

The DDJ-FLX10’s new evolved MAGVEL FADER uses a 4-sensor system compared to its predecessor’s two sensors. This allows users to make volume adjustments no matter how small the movement of the crossfader. 

rekordbox and Serato Compatibility 

The DDJ-FLX10 offers free plug-and-play compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. DVS support is available through a rekordbox Core, Creative, or Professional plan subscription, or via a paid license/subscription to Serato DJ Expansions or Serato DJ Suite.  

The Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 4-channel DJ controller retails for $2560.00 CAD and will be available at Authorized Pioneer DJ Dealers across Canada in April 2023.  

For complete details, please visit: https://www.pioneerdj.com/