SFM partnered with Domo Prestige to display Just Add Power, Luxul and IC Realtime in the Maison Ethier booth

The Montreal National Home Show is one of the biggest events of its kind in the city with over 500 exhibitors  showcasing the latest  trends in home decorating, renovating and landscaping. This year’s edition was held at Place Bonaventure from March 4-13, 2016. Domo Prestige, an SFM dealer and exhibitor at the show, presented the latest products  from SFM CI’s division such as Luxul, Just Add Power and IC Realtime.

Several high quality reliable products were on display such as Luxul’s AMS-4424P managed switch, AGS-1016 switch, and the ABR-4400 router, along with IC Realtime’s 360 degree immersive view camera and a Just Add Power video wall.

IMG_8673The AMS-4424P is designed to optimize streaming media and HDMI over IP applications and  offers seamless  network  scalability/management of up to 16 switches (384 ports), while the AGS-1016 and ABR-4400 provide exceptional performance, quality and reliability and are great choices for expanding  wired networks or setting up a VoIP, multimedia or extreme gaming environment. A highlight at the show was IC Realtime’s 360 degree immersive view camera, which is capable of recording a wide area of surveillance, and dewarping the native FishEye view in order to watch a stream that is undistorted to the human eye and control via the ICRSS pro app available from iTunes.

IMG_8677The large video wall created with Just Add Power  was successful as well, leaving a positive impression on both exhibitors and visitors alike. When Just Add Power introduced its  HDIP™ solution for distributing HDMI® over IP networks in 2009, it paved the brand’s way to new markets making it a recognizable name in many households today.

With technology evolving so quickly, it’s important for SFM CI to partner with dealers at these shows so that end users can learn from experts who support SFM CI’s brands, such as Domo Prestige, on how the products integrate into custom installation projects. If you would like more information about how you can partner with SFM CI for your next show, please get in touch with us!