It’s March, which means meanwhile some are celebrating Saint Patrick and his banishment of snakes from Ireland, we’re starting to get our snakes ready for touring season! March is the ideal time to start getting your cabling ready so that you’re all set and ready for April / May.

If you’re ever feeling a little lost about how to go about your cabling needs for this upcoming season, we’ve got you covered with this quick reference guide choosing from which types of snakes we offer.

Stage Management
A clean stage is a happy stage!

From the smallest café to the world’s biggest festivals, stage management can make or break the show: bad patching leads to lost audio, messy stages which can lead to tripping and breakage, tons of lost time. Who doesn’t love having to untangle a clump of 63 XLR macramé’d cables at the end of a 3-day festival?! Fortunately, we have solutions! Subsnakes and specialty items are our solutions to keeping your audio neat, tidy, and out of the way.

Stage Sub

A low profile, 12-channel sub-snake, available with or without multi-pin disconnect. Perfect for grouping the stage into sections, and minimizing the cable on stage.

With the multi-pin disconnects, running a festival patch is a breeze: while band A is on stage, prep band B in the wings. At changeover, you have 3 or 4 multi-pins to connect on stage, and you will never need to worry about the board patch!

For even more impact, the Stage Sub can be coupled with the PatchMaster.

Digiflex DrumDrop

Drums are always the same story: you need to drag a bunch of mics out there, with 10 different mic cables of varying lengths, and then figure out how to prevent people tripping on all those excess cables… We say no more to that!

The Digiflex DrumDrop solves all of the aforementioned issues by bringing all cabling drum needs into one package. The Digiflex Drum Drop contains:

A sub-snake: 12 channels, fed into a multi-pin disconnect
Drum mic cabling: 8 cables, all pre-arranged for the standard drum kit
Two long 8′ splays for OH
Six 6′ splays for kick, snare, and toms
Four multifunction channels on the box, paralleled
Use as extra sends for percussion, or as returns for in ears or click tracks

Digiflex PatchMaster

128 channels of patch management, right at your fingertips.

Manage multiple bands and quick changeovers with this one great patch tool. Remove all the guesswork from “hmm… which sub-snake does this come from?” by linking your StageSubs into the PatchMaster by multi-pin, and then quickly spot what goes where thanks to the colour coded fan-outs.

Portable snakes

These are your simple point to point snakes, to get signal from the stage to the console. We have three series available, with different channel combinations in each.

Performance Series HE Snakes

Our lighter duty, imported snakes. Built to our exact specifications, these snakes do not compromise on quality. Great for schools, small venues, rehearsal spaces, local production events and anywhere where budget is a consideration. The Performance Series HE snakes consists of metal boxes, REAN Pro connectors, tough and flexible cable, and covered by our 5-year warranty.

Tour Series DE Snakes

Our made-in-Canada economy snakes. We use the same steel boxes and premium cable as we do in our high-end DPR series, but adapt them to medium duty usage. Perfect for schools, theatres, houses of worship, regional touring, and anywhere that needs a true Digiflex snake, but takes care of their gear. It consists of Neutrik NC3*PP connectors, medium duty cable management, and no frills.

Channels HE Series DE Series DPR Series
8×0 x

8×4 x x x
x x
12×4 x x x

16×4 x x x
24×4 x x x
24×8 x x x



Tour Series DPR Snakes

No-nonsense, all-in, best-in-class portable snakes. Steel box construction, webbed cable strain reliefs at either end, TechFlex fan-out protection, Neutrik connectors… no excuses here. These snakes are the mainstay of Canada’s regional touring market, theatres, live venues, conference halls, and anywhere else where dependability is not a fad.

The Big Guns

Digiflex SIB snakes are the big guns of our arsenal

These fully modular, completely customizable snakes go from 8 to 50 channels, and are available with a myriad of options: ground lifts, transformers, split outputs, multipin disconnects, etc.

To conclude, the sky truly is the limit. Although we offer a few standard configurations, these are really just a suggestion. We understand that each company and each tour have specific needs that require tailored solutions. That is why we also proudly offer the ability to build a custom SIB snake that matches your specific needs.