Warranty Information

In addition to our comprehensive, state-of-the art service facilities in Montreal, SFM maintains a number of regional authorized warranty depots. To ensure that we’re able to resolve your issue as quickly and painlessly as possible, we ask that you take a minute to read our Service and Repair Guidelines before returning any items to us or one of our service centers.

SupplierBasic warrantyExceptions
ADJ1 year limitedBatteries: 180 days limited
DMX controllers: 2 years
Non-LED lighting products: 1 year limited
Laser (excluding laser diodes): 1 year limited
Laser diodes: 6 months limited
LED products: 2 years limited (Canada only)
StarTec Series: 1 year limited
Limited warranty exceptions
AER2 years
AlvarezLimited lifetimeEQ systems, pick ups, electronic tuners and other electronic components: 2 years
Warranty registration
American Audio1 year limitedV-Plus Series amplifiers: 3 years limited
Limited warranty exceptions
Animals Pedal1 year limited
Antari1 year limited
Attero Tech-Units sold prior to March 3, 2020: QSC will honor pre-existing Attero Tech warranty terms stated in the applicable product user manual
Units sold on or after March 3, 2020: 3-year limited warranty for non-accessory products; 90-day limited warranty for accessory products
Warranty policy
Avante Audio3 years
AVID Live Sound Hardware: Limited warranty covers the hardware for one (1) year after it has been acquired by the first user.
Accessories: Limited warranty covers cables, terminators, batteries and all other accessories for ninety (90) days after acquired by the first user.
Replacements: AVID warrants replacement parts will perform to the same material standards as the original parts for the longer of the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) days from date of shipment from AVID.
VENUE | S6L: All S6L systems now come with 3 years of AVID Advantage Elite Live support, giving you the highest priority care whenever you need help, 24/7. From ultra-fast response times, to same-day hardware exchange shipping, AVID has got you covered so your show always goes on. Support contracts can be renewed on yearly bases after the initial 3 years.
AVPro Edge 10 yearsWarranty policy
Blackmagic Design-Warranty policy
Bullet Train 10 years
Canare1 year limited
Casio-Keyboards, CDP Series pianos: 1 year
Pianos (CGP, PX, AP Series)
Purchased in Canada: 3 years
Purchased outside Canada: 1 year
Pianos (Grand Hybrid Series)
Purchased in Canada: 5 years
Purchased outside Canada: 1 year
Warranty registration
Christie Digital-3-chip DLP® projectors (including Christie RGB pure laser projectors): 3 years
1-chip DLP® projectors (laser phosphor): 3 years or 20,000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first
LCD panels: 3 years
Accessories: 1 year
ConferX10 years
Da-Lite1 yearContour and Advantage: 5 years
DigiflexCustom products: 5 years limited
Dataflex: Lifetime limited
Fiber optics: 1 year limited
Performance: Lifetime limited
Premium: Lifetime limited
Professional Touring: Lifetime limited
Snakes: 5 years limited
Video: Lifetime limited
Warranty policy
DTS3 years
DuesenbergLimited lifetime
EAW6 yearsProcessors: 2 years
Electronics: 2 years
Weather-protected (WP) loudspeakers: 5 years
Accessories: 2 years
Warranty policy
Elation Professional2 yearsRechargeable batteries: 6 months
Discharge lamps and all product accessories are not covered by a warranty
Eliminator Lighting1 year limitedAll Eliminator Lighting products (except laser diodes): 1 year limited (products include: special effect lighting, intelligent lighting, UV lighting, strobes, fog machines, bubble machines, mirror balls, PAR cans, trussing, lighting stands, etc., excludes lamps)
Laser products: 1 year limited (exclude laser diodes which have a 6-month limited warranty)
Batteries: 180 days limited
Warranty policy
Fujinon Lens and accessories (parts and labour): 2 years
LA16x8, MK18-55, MK50-135 (parts and labour): 1 year
Fulcrum Acoustic5 years limitedAccessories: 2 years
Electronics: 2 years
Loudspeakers: 5 years
Processors: 2 years
Furman1-5 years (product specific)BAT1500-EXT battery: 2 years limited
Elite Series: 3 years limited
F1000/F1500 UPS Series: 3 years limited, 2 years on the batteries
In-wall & inline AC conditioners: 3 years limited

Power Station Series
PST-2+6 and PST-6: 1 year limited
PST-8 and PST-8D: 3 years limited
Reference Series i: 5 years limited

Warranty policy
Genelec2 yearsFor an additional 3 years of warranty on parts, register on the Genelec website
Global TrussTruss & clamps (on material & welding): 1 year
Manual chain hoist (on chain & mechanics): 1 year
Truss covers/stretch shapes: 90 days
Crank stands: 90 days
HarmonyWarranty policy
Heritage Guitars1 year
Jackson AudioLifetime Warranty
Just Add Power1 year2G/2G+ HD over IP products: 3 years limited
Limited warranty exceptions
Keeley1 yearWarranty policy
KMMK Solutions1 year limited
Koch1 yearTubes: 6 months
Warranty registration
Konig & Meyer5 years limitedSpare parts: 10 years
Warranty policy
Leprecon2 year limitedWarranty policy
LittliteLifetimeSolid state electronic components, including LED elements, solid state dimming circuitry
and voltage conversion:
5 years
Luxul3 yearsLimited warranty exceptions
Marinco5 years limited
MONOLimited lifetimeDoes not cover wear and tear such as rips, tears, peels, and fading. It does not cover zippers beyond two years, nor issues arising from abuse/misuse of the product or damages by rough handling during transport e.g. airlines.
Limited warranty exceptions
Moog Music1 year
Murideo10 years
MWM1-2 years (product specific)Phase Essential, Phase Ultimate, Phase Case: 2 years limited
Mixfader, Mixfader Dock, MIxfader Case, ProLink : 1 year limited
Neutrik1 year limited
Obsidian Control Systems2 years
Odyssey Casesn/aWarranty policy
One Control1 year limited
Outlaw Effects1 yearWarranty policy
PanamaxSmart plugs (BlueBolt): 1 year
Rackmount power management: 3 years
Battery backup: 3 years
Compact or floor models: Lifetime
Direct plug-in models: Lifetime
Add-on modules: Lifetime
Additional information
Pioneer AudioXPRS Series: 3 years + additional 2 years of warranty (for amplifier parts) OR additional 4 years of warranty (for other parts such as speaker drivers) upon registration on the Pioneer website**

**Registration on Pioneer website must be completed within 90 days of purchase**
Pioneer DJ1 yearApplicable on Pioneer DJ products purchased through an authorized Canadian Pioneer DJ dealer.
HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7, HDJ-X5, HDJ-S7: 2 years
Pro Control3 yearsBatteries: 1 year
Limited warranty exceptions
QSC Amplifiers, processors, speakers and touchscreens: 3 years limited
Mixers and CP Series speakers: 1 year limited
RMXa, CMXa, PLX2, GX, GXD, K, KW, K.2 and KS: 3 years limited + additional 3 years of warranty upon registration on the QSC website for a total of 6 years limited warranty**
TouchMix-8, TouchMix-16, TouchMix-30 Pro: 1 year limited + additional 2 years of warranty upon registration on the QSC website for a total of 3 years limited warranty**
CP8 and CP12: 1 year limited + additional 5 years of warranty upon registration on the QSC website for a total of 6 years limited warranty**
Accessories: 90 days limited

**Registration on QSC website must be completed within 30 days of purchase**
Quiltern/aAmplifiers (all models except for the MICRO-BLOCK-45 and INTERBLOCK-45): 3 years
Footswitches, covers, cabinets, handles and cabinet hardware: 1 year
All other accessories: 90 days
Limited warranty
RTI3 yearsBatteries: 1 year
Limited warranty exceptions
SeratoIf the Serato product you have purchased from SFM is faulty, please contact RMA@sfm.ca and we will provide a replacement. We will only accept goods returned with prior notification through correspondence with our RMA department.
Shure2 years limitedRechargeable batteries: 1-year limited
Q5X: 1-year limited
Unless the warranty document accompanying any Shure product otherwise expressly indicates, all Shure products carry a 2-year limited warranty. SFM handles all repairs and/or replacement (at its own discretion) on all defective Shure products.
Professional Wireless Systems Distributed Products Warranty: Please note that Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) products are manufactured, warranted, and serviced exclusively by Professional Wireless Systems. PWS products come with a 1-year limited warranty. All service related returns should be sent to:
Professional Wireless Systems
9401 American Eagle Way, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32837-8380
Phone: 407-240-2880 | Fax: 407-888-0689
sales@professionalwireless.com | www.professionalwireless.com
Please contact Professional Wireless Systems before sending in product for service. Please do not send product directly to SFM as this will cause a delay in the service return.
SonyMost products including televisions: 1 year
ES receivers: 5 years
Projectors: 3 years
Projector lamps: 90 days
Warranty policy
Stewart Audio3 years limitedWarranty policy
Teisco1 yearWarranty policy
RTS1 year limitedAudioCom: 1 year limited
Headsets & earsets: 1 year limited
RadioCom: 3 years limited
Two NotesParts & labour: 2 years
Visionary2 year limited
Voodoo Lab5 years
Wireless Solution1 year limited