The most important innovations compared to the former XIRIUM models first:

neutrik-000145_lowXIRIUM PRO is constructed modularly. This means that depending on which signal shall be transmitted or received – analog, digital or DANTE – the sending or receiving base station can be equipped with the corresponding module. The repeater module offers further brilliant features: it generates a redundant audio signal, transmits it over a separate propagation path to the receiver, and thus prevents phase cancellation. In the XIRIUM PRO system every single transmitter can have an assigned repeater. Repeaters help to overcome structural barriers, offer extended diversity and increase the system range at the same time.

With the new Software-App, the setup of XIRIUM PRO is even easier. The software makes optimizing the aerial alignment, respectively determining the location of the repeater, a breeze.  It also facilitates the setting of all function parameters (e.g. delay time, XROC mode, etc.) as well as monitoring (e.g. signal strength, battery power, etc.).

XIRIUM PRO is not only electrically but also mechanically extremely robust and can be powered with the integrated battery or via Neutrik powerCON connectors. The system is protected according IP54 and can therefore be used outdoors, which opens a wide field of new applications.

Designed as cable-replacement-system XIRIUM PRO saves time and money. Extensive cabling and tripping hazards were yesterday’s issues. XIRIUM PRO transmits sound in studio quality without any compression over unprecedented distances and is therefore the perfect solution for live events (e.g. Delay Towers, distribution of high quality audio signals on events, …). The technology (DiWA: Digital Wireless Audio) specifically developed by Neutrik for this application allows transmission of excellent audio quality over distances > 500 m from one transceiver to an unlimited number of receivers (point-to-multiple-point), operating in the license-free 5 GHz band. Even with high RF traffic Neutrik’s DiWA protocol guarantees uninterrupted data transmission. DiWA looks independently for free channels and occupies them permanently. For very adverse conditions the system offers XROC mode which reduces the bit rate (only 1 audio channel) and pushes through even the densest RF jungle.

XIRIUM PRO is robust and reliable – exactly what Neutrik is known for.

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